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Unlock the potential of your windows with motorized shades. From sleek and modern designs to ornate wood-grained shades, you can enjoy the easy operation of remote control blinds that allow you to have natural light when you want it while protecting yourself from harmful UV rays.

Island Window Covering in Maui, Hawaii, offers multiple shade solutions for your window covering needs! Whether you are looking for a single panel or double panels, sheer shades or room darkening shades, faux wood blinds, or heavy fabric curtains, we have the right window covering to meet any style requirement. We also offer custom motorized shades and automatic blinds available only through our company. Give us a call today at 808-874-8602 for more information on our motorized window shades.

What Is a Motorized Window Shade?

A motorized window shade is the latest trend in window covering and offers convenience and easy operation. We have found the best smart blinds to extend our existing line of manually operated window shades. The difference between manual and motorized shade types is that the roller system of the motorized unit will be fully powered by electricity or battery and operated with a remote instead of needing to be opened or closed by hand.

The motorization allows for easier operation and more safety within the home. You no longer have to worry about dangling cords or loose springs that can get caught up in the shade or pose a tripping hazard.

With a touch of a button, a motorized shade can automatically raise and lower your window treatment. Operating your shades will be so much simpler, allowing you to have light control and adjust them as needed without having to get out of bed or move from the couch!

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Why You Should Install Motorized Window Shades?

The benefits of installing motorized window shades include:

Remote Control

Most motorized lines are easily operated by remote control, and your smartphone or compatible smart device can even control some. Certain models of motorized blinds work with Alexa and Google Home so they can be operated with voice commands.

Hard-to-Reach Windows

A lot of people find their shades difficult to operate because they’re located high or low within the window frame. A motorized system puts all the controls in the same place, meaning you get the best view possible when you want it without needing special tools or lifting assistance.

Windows Behind Furniture

If you have windows behind heavy objects, such as furniture or built-in cabinets, it creates obstacles to opening and closing the shades. Fortunately, with the remote control feature, you can still control the light filtering blinds for these areas without needing to move things around.

Cordless Design

No need to worry about tangled or broken cord strands impeding operation when using your new motorized window shade. You also don’t have to worry about the strangling hazards of the cord loop with motorized shades products. Their cordless nature makes them the safest window treatment option for parents and pet owners.

Suitable for Senior Citizens

Manual operating of window treatments can be physically strenuous for those with arthritis or limited mobility issues. With a motorized system, this problem goes away quickly thanks to the easy lift action.

Too Many Windows

It’s often difficult to keep track of multiple curtains that require individual attention. With the programmable remote, you can adjust the window shades simultaneously or independently. No more leaving rooms dark because opening and closing the shades is too difficult or time-consuming!

Increase Your Home’s Value With Our Smart Shades

At Island Window Covering, we know how important your home’s appearance and functionality are to its value. Adding beautiful motorized window shades can significantly increase your curb appeal and the potential resale value of your house.

While it might seem like an added expense, the real benefit of investing in smart home technology comes down to convenience. We want to make managing your home easier than ever. When choosing motorized window treatments, you’re deciding to join the smart home revolution that can make life easier and can even help make your home more energy efficient.

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Our motorization is available for nearly every window covering style, such as

  • Roller Shades
  • Roman Shades
  • Cellular Shades
  • Woven Wood Shades
  • Panel Track Shades
  • Solar Shades

We also offer custom motorized blinds and shades in various colors, styles, and materials to help match your personal décor.

Add style, convenience, and efficiency to your window treatments with our automated shade solutions. Contact us today at 808-874-8602 or via our online form to discuss which motorized window shading installation would work best for you!

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