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Why you should cover your windows

Frequently we will get asked, “Why should I even bother with window coverings?

It may seem an odd question, but the trend toward minimalism makes it a legitimate one that bears consideration, and it’s OK to not have window coverings. It is your home after all.

However there are several reasons window coverings are important, beyond just being an element of interior design. 

Some of the ways window coverings help you are:

Helping to prevent sun damage and fading.

Home furnishings, as well as carpet and flooring can last you a life time if you take care of them, but they do take a beating. Because of the fabrics and yarns used in carpet and upholstery these items are susceptible to ultra violet radiation even if they are not in direct sunlight.  The sun in Hawaii can be especially damaging.

Window treatments are the best way to protect the interior of your home.  Even a good-quality sheer window treatment can filter out much of the UV rays streaming into your home, minimizing damage while maximizing your light.


The fact is, in Hawaii  our homes are very close together.  Lot size is on the decline, while homes are getting bigger. In some cases, this means neighbors can be less than 15 feet away.  YIKES! This is where quality window treatments can help.

Without window treatments your home could be open for anyone to peek inside, whether it is a nosy neighbor, or just  someone walking or driving by your home.

Proper window treatments can increase the privacy of your home, making you feel more secure and more comfortable, especially at night, when the darkness outside makes it much easier to see into your well-lit home.


Just as window treatments bring a sense of privacy to your home and protect your home from the sun, blinds, shades or draperies will also help you keep your home secure. 

Most burglars will peek into a home to see if you have anything worth stealing before breaking in. By keeping your windows covered you can minimize their ability to scope out your home. Additionally, keeping your shades drawn when you are away, even for a little while,  keeps people from knowing whether anyone is home.

Temperature control

Adding window treatments to a room may help regulate your home’s temperature.

The proper treatments will block the sun on hot days, keeping your home cooler, while insulating against the cold air outside during the winter if you live in a colder climate. 

In Hawaii your best choice for a shade for insulating would be a honeycomb or cellular shade.  The airspace inside each “cell” creates a layer of insulation at the window, enhancing the comfort of any room. Cellular shades are available with single, double or triple cells and also come designed with an additional insulating layer to help reflect light and heat back outside.

Light Control

Instead of having the sun in your eyes during dinner, or a glare on your television every evening, try window treatments. Whether you need something sheer to cut the glare or a shade to block out every ray of light, blinds and shades will do the trick.

The window covering specialists at Island Window Covering are here to help you determine the best solution for each room in your house, so contact us today if you have any questions, or feel free to visit our Kihei showroom. 

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