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Treatments or Coverings?

Spring and Summer are the most popular times for clearing the clutter, opening up and airing out your spaces. Time to put away the darker colors and the heavy bedding and bring some light, airy elements into your home. Throw open the drapes, raise your shades and let those warm summer breezes come on in. Now is actually also a good time to have a closer look at your window coverings in general.

Just so you know, there are window coverings and window treatments….hard & soft…decorative & functional.

Generally, you’ll want window coverings when you need a specific solution to a specific issue. This could be privacy for your living room windows so you don’t feel like you’re on display for the neighborhood or it could be to black out the bedroom windows so your teenage vampires can sleep in. And what about that afternoon sun that streams in the kitchen right when you’re getting dinner ready?

All of the scenarios listed above have different solutions.

Over the next several weeks, we will be talking about all the different reasons people choose window coverings. Today, we’re going to discuss why people who don’t NEED window coverings choose to have window coverings.

Say for instance you live on a large property, or your home happens to be perfectly situated where you don’t have to worry about neighbors or prying eyes. Chances are, you’re tempted to leave your windows uncovered. Why shade your windows when you’re surrounded by trees or the ‘great wide open’? Well, first thing that comes to mind is style and design. Some simple side panels to frame an opening or a top treatment can make your living space more comfortable and cozy. But seriously, don’t discount window coverings for piece of mind. A wide-open feeling during daytime can easily translate to feeling exposed at night, especially when you can’t see outside. Most people insist they feel more secure just having window coverings closed at night…a kind of cocooning of sorts.

Simple, light weight drapes or shades are a perfect solution for windows that don’t necessarily require sun protection or daytime privacy. Keep in mind, night time comfort and security are a good reason to cover your windows and can be achieved simply and inexpensively.

Feel free to ask us about window coverings designed to disappear until you need them. Minimal, Functional and affordable! Island Window Covering.

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